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Thank you for your confidence in our practice. We appreciate and value the trust you place in us by referring your patients to our office. We ensure that the time your patient spends with us will be a positive experience, achieve the desired treatment goals, and reflect well on you and your office.

Please note that we have set aside emergency appointments every day for your patients who are in pain and need immediate attention. We appoint all endodontic emergency cases within 24 hours. Please call us as early in the day as possible so that we can allocate these appointments to your patient. 

If you would like to institute pain management protocols for your patient until treatment can be provided (e.g. long-lasting local anesthesia, pulpotomy, oral analgesia, or antibiotic therapy), we are always available to help you decide which would be the best option for a particular case.


Please fill out the attached Online Referral Form / Referral PDF and either fax ( Los Altos (650) 397-5691 or email it to our office at

Upon receipt of the referral form, we will schedule your patient. Thank you for your referral.

  • Single Visit vs. Multiple Visit

One of the controversial topics in endodontics is a single-visit endodontic treatment in necrotic or retreatment cases. Though studies show one-visit treatment to be recommended for vital cases (e.g. inflamed pulp), there is a lack of predictability when these treatments are performed on necrotic or previously treated cases. There have been multiple approaches developed to improve the success rate of endodontic treatment for necrotic and previously treated canals, but so far, none of those approaches are as predictable or successful as inter-appointment intra-canal dressing placement. Dr. Zoufan chooses to pursue the most predictable approach.

An excellent online newsletter with varying topics regarding endodontic diagnosis, treatment, and recent research.

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